Yari huile d’argan 100% naturelle 250 ml


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yari huile d’argan 100% naturelle 250 ml

yari huile d’argan 100% naturelle 250 ml

Argan oil is the default treatment for dry skin and damaged or colored hair. 100% natural, Argan Oil from the Yari brand is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, very moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients which help fight the signs of aging of the skin and restore its elasticity. It is also very effective on chapped skin and light burns, because it stimulates cell renewal and helps with healing. Non-comedogenic, argan oil can also be used on oily skin, because it easily penetrates the skin and does not clog pores. On the hair, it deeply nourishes it, gives shine, makes it softer and protects it against attacks. The vitamin E present in its composition promotes hair growth for strong and healthy hair.

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