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O’tentika Exfoliating Gommant Soap Bar 200 G

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O’tentika Exfoliating Soap Bar Gommant 200 gr

The new O’TENTIKA exfoliating bar soap contains wheat bran to cleanse and exfoliate softly your skin. It helps to get rid of dead cell skin and skin cells regeneration. Your skin is beautiful and shiny. Enriched with glycerin, it keeps your skin soft and provides a hint of moisturizing. Suitable for all type of skin.

Contains Apricot Seed Powder to slough away patches of rough dry skin, thereby revealing an illuminated and younger-looking skin. It Cleanses and evens out your complexion. Your skin feels fresh, supple and velvety smooth. Removing the upper layer of aged cells at the surface enables the skin to better breathe and benefit more from the other O’tentika products. 200 gr. (Pink)


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