Dusy Creme Oxyd 6% vol.20 1000 ml



Dusy Creme Oxyd 6% vol.20 1000 ml

Dusy Creme Oxyd 6% vol.20 1000 ml – Cream Oxidant 1000ml Cream developer for bleaching and colouring with all common brands. It is gentle on the hair.

Oxide and cream activator protect the hair structure with carefully selected tampons, care and active ingredients. Br for mixing tinges and oxidizing colors as well as blondage. Br.

Contains peroxide.

Black as ebony or bright blonde, like the rays of the sun on a beautiful summer day – such perspectives open to you the brand dusy professional. The high-quality cream developer provides intense color without attacking the fine structures of the hair. The formula of dusy professional cream oxide is enriched with highly sensitive oxydants. During coloring, the hair structure is little stressed.

The developer is suitable for more frequent use. Professionals appreciate this mixture. The verdict of your customers is your daily incentive for perfect hairstyles and results. Benefit from this experience.

The possibilities for working with developer, color and oxydants at home are many with dusy professional Creme Oxyd. Both already colored hair as well as natural hair and damaged hair can be colored with the high-quality substance. A sealing of the fine pigments takes place quickly. Soft and easy to comb hair is the result of coloring with dusy professional Creme Oxyd.

Whether the sporty short hairstyle or a wavy mane, the care and user products from dusy professional convince with quality. The developer also scores with its economy. A residue of the developer can be used after four weeks to recolor the hairline. The high-quality oxydants give the developer namely still long after opening its effect.

  • preserves the structure of the hair.
  • With selected buffer, care and active ingredients.

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