Activilong Shampoo Coco 250 ml


  • Reinforcement of damaged hair fibres
  • Protection against climate or mechanical influences
  • For damaged or dry hair. Coconut oil based
  • No parabens, no silicone. 3-in-1 Anti-Limescale Formula
UGS : BFY8001 Catégories : ,


Activilong Shampoo Coco 250ml

Highly concentrated with vitamin A, E and acidity of the oils, coconut oil contributes to the strengthening of protein structures and strengthens the keratin. The moisturising, nourishing and protective properties make it ideal for the beauty of damaged and dry hair.

Features: Intensive nutrition. – Reinforced damaged hair fibres – protection against weather influences or mechanical influences.

Resistance: dry, appauvred and pain-free hair quickly maintains the body, volume and shine.

Instructions for use: apply to damp hair. Gently rinse and rinse. Repeat the process if necessary. No parabens, no silicone, formula 3 in 1, anti-limescale

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